Organisations are constantly changing. Many companies are being forced to restructure their business operations. This often has far-reaching implications for their employees, who are faced with redundancy or asked to take on a new role or new tasks.

The news that an employee may not be able to continue their career with their current employer can hit hard and create a sense of uncertainty. On these occasions, effective, personalised guidance is essential. Driven by the desire to develop a contemporary outplacement approach, we have come to define our own unique working method. This has led to an approach that goes beyond the usual aspects of outplacement: one in which the individual takes centre stage and eventually discovers that their new situation also offers opportunities.

Our core principle? Success and energy go hand in hand. We determine the appropriate energy on the basis of the seven dimensions. People only start to change and get moving once these seven dimensions have all been balanced. This maximises the chances of a hopeful new outlook. Our career guidance pathways start with an analysis aimed at gaining an insight into the seven dimensions underlying each employee’s success. This serves as the basis for a personalised programme to facilitate their future success. We then work together to find a suitable new job.