Caroline Hulshoff – Neuropsychologist, coach and trainer

If someone is not feeling great, for whatever reason, it won’t be easy for them to find the energy they need to be able to look towards the future. This is particularly true in redundancy and dismissal situations or when other private problems arise. In cases like this, it’s particularly important to open people’s eyes and get them to look beyond the problem at hand and see the outside world. People often spend years doing the same job for the same company, and that’s why they aren’t always aware of the options they have elsewhere. They perform certain tasks because that’s what they’ve always done. But where do their hearts lie? What makes them happy? I like to give people the energy they need to progress their careers. For example, helping them learn how to present themselves to the outside world or to utilise the benefits that a network has to offer. The ultimate object is always for them to take control of their future and dare to take responsibility for the choices they make.


I like to work for international companies. With my background in psychology and my many years of experience abroad, I recognise a lot of myself in people with different nationalities. I know what it’s like to arrive in a new country and I understand the path they’ve taken and the challenges they encounter when they decide to work in a different country or return to the Netherlands. As a coach and trainer, I like to help these people identify the next steps in their careers.”

Arco Plomp – Employability Coach

The great thing about my job is the satisfaction I feel when someone finds the perfect new job. I’m a real people’s person and love working with others to help them achieve their goals. I find that personal, individual coaching is the best tool to use here, underpinned by the great, modern philosophy that Implicit has developed in this respect. We don’t focus on just one single aspect of the individual, but approach coaching on the basis of seven different dimensions. Everyone is different: one person might need peace and stability, while another will want to know how his financial future will be affected. Some people will need help to grow their networks, while others will literally need help to get themselves started. I swear by cycling myself; it keeps me fit. I meditate too, which I find inspires me and helps me feel more tranquil.


I have been working at Implicit for half a year now and focus mainly on employee outflow. People often think this is a difficult field,  but I don’t think it is. If you can make sure that people are able to leave an organisation with dignity and on the basis of a constructive approach, they will usually gain something positive from the experience. That’s what I like to show: that people are able to change and improve things. Saying goodbye is difficult and situations like that are emotionally charged, but people are often amazingly resilient too.


If there was anything that I could teach people, it would be to believe in yourself. Believe that you will find a new job and don’t just take the first one that comes along; that’s a big mistake that people often make. You might have money in your pocket if you do, but you won’t be doing the work that you enjoy. Take the time to carefully consider which direction you want your career to take. I like to be there to support people and help them find the perfect new job for them.”