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Implicit moves and inspires organisations and individuals alike. We improve our clients’ agility by maintaining happiness at work in continually changing work environments. We call it, New HR Management. Organisational settings are changing continuously. The necessity to grow and innovate is great. Individuals are required to be resilient. Without knowledge for the consequences of reorganisations, staff reductions, downsizing or implementation of new models. Implicit facilitates their capacity and zest to tackle change. And helps organisations regain their agility. We realise that magic is needed to make change succeed.

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Working on a new perspective

Developments in the world of work are going very fast. Internationalisation, technological developments and the retirement age have an impact on work. In this way, Lifetime employment disappears and employment contracts become shorter or more flexible. This requires a different approach from organisations, but we also expect something else from employees. On the one hand this can entail uncertainty, on the other hand it requires adaptability and personal-development to remain future-proof. With our services we increase the agility of our clients while maintaining the happiness of people in these changing environments.

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We are proud of our clients and our collaboration together in realising great projects. Currently we are in the process of collating references to share on our website.

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Working at Implicit means working on diverse projects with unique clients. And inspiring people. Together with a dedicated team of experts we tackle various issues relating to sustainable employment, job mobility, financial life planning, vitality, career coaching and management & organisation. The resilience of both the individual and of organisations lies at the heart of everything we do.

As a professional you know how to combine your theoretical knowledge and your life experience in an unique manner. Empowering people to be inspired and energised in dealing with change.

At Implicit you are given the opportunity showcase your expertise along with who you are and what defines you. We are developing rapidly and are constantly looking to expand our team of specialists.

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