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About us

Implicit moves and inspires organisations and individuals alike. We improve our clients’ agility by maintaining happiness at work in continually changing work environments. We call it, New HR Management. Organisational settings are changing continuously. The necessity to grow and innovate is great. Individuals are required to be resilient. Without knowledge for the consequences of reorganisations, staff reductions, downsizing or implementation of new models. Implicit facilitates their capacity and zest to tackle change. And helps organisations regain their agility. We realise that magic is needed to make change succeed.

Who we are

Wiebo Walstra established Implicit with the assumption that organisations, society and people who work there are seeking a new balance. With over 20 years of experience in HR, processes and changing organisations and above all a personal drive are key determining factors for where Implicit stands today. A dedicated team of experienced individuals, with a passion of putting client’s needs first, while maintaining explicit attention for the individual. A bespoke approach that increases the chances of success. Innovative customised solutions providing tangible results. “We create what is missing. Always alongside our clients, suppliers and friends circle.”

7 Dimensions


Success of organisations is driven by the energy of its employees. Implicit believes that success and optimal energy go hand in hand. We call it, Human Energy. We apply Human Energy to seven dimensions. The energy of an individual can be ultimately optimised when each of the seven dimensions are in balance both independently and together.
An organisational change or development will, inevitably, succeed. Signifying that the implicit dimension of organisational change as well as the implicit motivation of employees, require attention.

As far as we are concerned it does not solely revolve around the processes during change but it affects the individuals as well. With a team of experts, insights are provided around the circumstances of the individual. From insights into the mental health and the financial situation to the physical condition determine the vision. You are only able to distinguish yourself by drilling down to the core. This can only be achieved by personal attention, listening ear and the quest for work related pattern. After which we zoom in and determine the specific actions.


Implicit’s strategy is based around three pillars; personal power, leadership and culture. Our approach is characterised by our detailed focus for the implicit in an organisational culture as well as the individual’s motivation. We address issues regarding mobility, sustainable employment and career coaching differently. Our focus does not solely revolve around processes; it includes the individual’s passion and energy. We develop bespoke programs and utilise programs that have gained traction within multiple organisations.

Method: We use innovative methods and a focused line of questioning to stipulate a fitted action plan. It is, for example, possible to administer brain balance measurements, various assessments, conduct organisational scans.
Consultancy: The specialists at Implicit also offer consultancy and temporary assignments.
Projects: Various issues are also addressed with our project-based approach. We have a dedicated experienced pool of specialists who focus on achieving the desired result.
Programs: We also deliver (executive) outplacement programs for groups and individuals.

Friends Circle


You are unable to be and remain successful on your own. You need friends to challenge you, provide constructive criticism and help you continually innovate. We have a circle of professionals who are linked by profession or passion at Implicit and fulfil diverse assigments. Our friends circle consists of experienced professionals from various branches contributing to current topics while utilising their own knowledge and vision in our projects. Projects with a focus on outplacement, vitality, financial life planning, employability, coaching and management & organisational issues. Agitating people within organisations is our passion.

We continually develop our own programs and products for our own needs and that of our clients. We are proud of our friends circle!

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Our clients

We are proud of our clients and our collaboration together in realising great projects. Currently we are in the process of collating references to share on our website.

Working at

Working at Implicit means working on diverse projects with unique clients. And inspiring people. Together with a dedicated team of experts we tackle various issues relating to sustainable employment, job mobility, financial life planning, vitality, career coaching and management & organisation. The resilience of both the individual and of organisations lies at the heart of everything we do.

As a professional you know how to combine your theoretical knowledge and your life experience in an unique manner. Empowering people to be inspired and energised in dealing with change.

At Implicit you are given the opportunity showcase your expertise along with who you are and what defines you. We are developing rapidly and are constantly looking to expand our team of specialists.

Our inspiration


Caroline Hulshoff – Neuropsychologist, coach and trainer
If someone is not feeling great, for whatever reason, it won’t be easy for them to find the energy they need to be able to look towards the future. This is particularly true in redundancy and dismissal situations or when other private problems arise. In cases like this, it’s particularly important to open people’s eyes and get them to look beyond the problem at hand and see the outside ... Read more


Arco Plomp – Mobility and Outplacement Consultant
The great thing about my job is the satisfaction I feel when someone finds the perfect new job. I’m a real people’s person and love working with others to help them achieve their goals. I find that personal, individual coaching is the best tool to use here, underpinned by the great, modern philosophy that Implicit has developed in this respect. We don’t focus on just one single aspect of ... Read more


Dorris Meesters – a specialist in long-term employability
I can see that there’s a big group of employees – often older people – whose development has come to a halt. Employers frequently fail to get the best out of their people, which is such a shame. With this in mind, organisations are getting just the wake-up call they need when we make them aware of future developments and trends and discuss what they need to do to ... Read more

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