7 dimensions

Success of organisations is driven by the energy of its employees. Implicit believes that success and optimal energy go hand in hand. We call it, Human Energy. We apply Human Energy to seven dimensions. The energy of an individual can be ultimately optimised when each of the seven dimensions are in balance both independently and together.
An organisational change or development will, inevitably, succeed. Signifying that the implicit dimension of organisational change as well as the implicit motivation of employees, require attention.

As far as we are concerned it does not solely revolve around the processes during change but it affects the individuals as well. With a team of experts, insights are provided around the circumstances of the individual. From insights into the mental health and the financial situation to the physical condition determine the vision. You are only able to distinguish yourself by drilling down to the core. This can only be achieved by personal attention, listening ear and the quest for work related pattern. After which we zoom in and determine the specific actions.