New energy

Gone are the days when we spent our entire working lives in the same job with the same emnployer. In ten years’ time, only 40% of people will still have a permanent contract. We expect employees to be increasingly flexible and continuously adapt to new wishes and requirements. Their personal development and mental and physical vitality are becoming increasingly important as well. An insight into the options and opportunities available to them will help them make conscious choices, both today and in future. It will also help them re-energise their careers.

Personal situation

People often put off reflecting on their career path until it is almost too late and they are on the verge of burn-out, chronic stress or dismissal. Employees tend to feel comfortable with whatever it is they are currently doing. Still, ‘doing your job well’ simply won’t cut it in today’s or tomorrow’s labour market. Employees need to take control of their careers. They need to ask themselves questions like: Do I still come home from work with a smile on my face? Does my job still give me a twinkle in my eye? Does my job still suit me? Does my job still give me enough energy? What sort of work do I want to be doing in five years’ time? Answering these questions for themselves can lead to useful insights. Job application training, a job coach or a solid CV alone simply aren’t enough. We believe that self-awareness offers the best opportunity for a new perspective.

A sample of our resources:

  • 7D scan: self-awareness on the basis of seven dimensions (7D), insight into obstacles and motives
  • Biographical interview
  • Personal coaching
  • Personal branding
  • Various workshops: refocusing your thinking, using social media, making the most of your network
  • Personal action plan
  • Health check
  • Job coaching
  • Personal action plan on the basis of insights