Implicit’s strategy is based around three pillars; personal power, leadership and culture. Our approach is characterised by our detailed focus for the implicit in an organisational culture as well as the individual’s motivation. We address issues regarding mobility, sustainable employment and career coaching differently. Our focus does not solely revolve around processes; it includes the individual’s passion and energy. We develop bespoke programs and utilise programs that have gained traction within multiple organisations.


Method: We use innovative methods and a focused line of questioning to stipulate a fitted action plan. It is, for example, possible to administer brain balance measurements, various assessments, conduct organisational scans.
Consultancy: The specialists at Implicit also offer consultancy and temporary assignments.
Projects: Various issues are also addressed with our project-based approach. We have a dedicated experienced pool of specialists who focus on achieving the desired result.
Programs: We also deliver (executive) outplacement programs for groups and individuals.